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The reel posted above contains a demo of my most recent, polished sound design work in video games. I hope you enjoy!

Hello, and Welcome to my website!

My name is Gaby Bendtsen and I am a sound designer and composer who specializes in working for interactive media. I am currently enrolled in my third year at Michigan State University, pursuing Bachelors of Arts degrees in Games Interactive Media, and another in Music.

The purpose of this website is for you to get to know me and find out what my workflow looks- and sounds- like. No matter who you are- a potential employer, a friend, or maybe a complete stranger- thank you for taking the time to check out my little corner of the web. 

My main goal is to work for a design studio or company that prioritizes the player experience and takes care when producing their media. By doing this, I believe that the content that is yielded will be something they and the player are passionate about. At my university, I spend my time learning about the latest trends in games and interactive media, studying both sound design standards and cutting-edge technology, and rehearsing my primary instrument with Professor Richard Fracker, voice. 

In my past, I enjoyed creating soundscapes and writing music for projects rangingHeadshot from a variety of styles. Currently, I work as an in-house sound designer and composer at the Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab and a freelancer for film and interactive media. There, I have worked on a wide variety of genres, ranging from a Western-themed endless runner game, to an educational Racing teaching children about Michigan State's famed Isotope Particle Beamer. Outside of the GEL Lab, I work as an Assistant Recording Engineer and take on freelance projects, such as composing and cleaning up dialogue in the short film "Kurt Laughs" and acting as the audio director for the game, "Quoth, the Raven."

However, I do not stop there! I am constantly participating in as many opportunities as I can to widen my skill set, such as game jams, attending various conferences, and participating as Secretary in Spartasoft—my university's game development club.

I love video games, and I hope that one day, my work as a sound designer and composer will impact players as much as I have been. Working in the interactive media industry, I am driven to learn as much as I can to expand my knowledge and reach the highest goals of myself and my peers. Enjoy navigating my website, and if you have any questions please leave them in the contact forum. Thank you!