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What kind of work do I do?

Image removed.Interactive Soundscapes

A good sound designer knows that soundscapes are not about just creating the sound effects or music given on an asset list; it is about creating a soundscape that immerses your player in a fantastical world, complementing the systems already built and enhancing the experience created by the team. My goal as a sound designer is to do just this, which is refined through playtesting, constant evaluation, and carefully planning what sounds are crucial to the experience.

Image removed.Audio Asset Creation 

When creating audio assets, my goal is to make these assets as memorable as possible. I create my assets using a variety of methods. Whether that be performing foley, using a synthesizer to create a sound effect, or layering a combination of methods, my goal is to always create audio assets that reflect the visuals given to the player.

Image removed.Composition and Scoring

Before I began working in sound design, I was solely a composer for games and film! My work as a composer ranges from scoring short films and trailers, to full soundtracks for video games. I have studied music theory my entire life and consider myself to be a seasoned composer. 

Image removed.Mixing and Mastering

Strong audio assets and a catchy soundtrack can only take a game so far: all of the elements involved need to blend seamlessly together. Mixing and mastering a project is one of my favorite parts of the audio design process, and I always make it my goal  to ensure that all of the audio assets feel cohesive and sound truly beautiful. 

Image removed.Audio Implementation

While implementing audio assets into my projects, I utilize Wwise. I truly enjoy working in this middleware because I incorporate it into my creative process equally as much as when I create audio assets. Wwise enables a dynamic, yet creative workflow for sound designers, really bringing a project's sonic soundscape to life through its features.

...And More!Image removed.

Audio design is a niche field to be apart of, as each project has different needs. My experience as an audio designer is not fully-encompassed with the bullet points listed above. Whether it be a field recording, working with microphones, or something entirely new, I am prepared to tackle any audio-related tasks and needs in a project in the most creative fashion possible.